Ten-year-old Logan Clovers’ daily routine includes trying to remember his mother and being babied by his single-father, Jonathan. Logan tells his father that he feels the pull to give his life to the Lord and become a local missionary, but Jonathan’s overbearing attitude causes Logan to back out of making this decision that day. Why not wait until Sunday at church?

 Avery Clovers, Jonathan’s ex-wife and Logan’s long-lost mother is a drug addict. As drug addicts do, she and her boyfriend, Larry Patterson, score drugs from their friend/drug dealer. The dealer recounts to the couple how she recently kidnapped her own daughter, giving Avery the inspiration to kidnap her own son, Logan.

What follows is fast-paced, emotional journey for young Logan and his estranged parents. 


Producer’s Update: 

We have received a signed Letter of Interest from Michael Joiner, actor from the films The Grace Card, Rumors Of War, Broken Faith and others. Your sponsorship can help secure him in the role of Jonathan!

Watch this short video from Michael Joiner about Kidnapped Runaway and other films he's working on!


FOSTER HOME, is a Christian docu-drama short film about four college students who are former foster children. They share their experiences in the foster care system with a film class filming a documentary. Several share how they found Christ after their ordeals. But what affect will that have on people? Watch to find out.

You can rent the film at for $1.99 or purchase it there for $7.99. Click here to go directly to the website.

Released in June of 2015, Foster Home was produced and directed by Aaron Allen and stars: 

Dave Payton as Rolly
Shayna Shields as Jane
Alfonso Torres Caballero as Jack
Joy Whitten as Brenda


Below is a gallery of stills.