What is Extreme Christian Entertainment?


Producer, Director & Founder of ECE Aaron Allen looks on while filming.

Producer, Director & Founder of ECE Aaron Allen looks on while filming.

From Aaron Allen:

"My movie production company's name was a gift from God. I prayed about what I should call it and felt Him tell me, 'Look at what all your movies have in common."

So, I thought it over.... every issue we cover is either considered controversial or extreme or even extremely controversial. Now, some may look at the name Extreme Christian Entertainment, and combine Extreme+Christian and think... extremist. When that thought comes to mind what words does one think of? Violence, fanatical, to forcefully push beliefs onto others, etc.

There is no violence or force. We can't make the decision for a person to believe something. That is one's own personal decision and right. No one can or should try take that away from another human being. As Christians we share our faith and what God has done for us. After that it is a personal decision for the listener - or viewer. We don't use violence or force, we use love, friendliness, respect and care. So let me explain Extreme Christian Entertainment a little better, by breaking it up.


The issues we cover are extreme and controversial. We tackle topics like crime, teen sex/teen pregnancy, abortion, adoption, marriage, divorce, drugs, etc. These are a few issues that are considered extreme and controversial - there are many others.


By faith and belief we have asked Jesus to come into our lives to help us be like Him. Problem is we are not like Him, we are sinners like everyone else.

A Christian is a forgiven sinner. He/she may slip or fall back into sin but return to God and His forgiveness and acceptance as we fight to keep away from sin. This is a personal and hard decision and task.

Our movies will share what it means to be a Christian and what it is truly about. We share our faith with love, friendliness, respect and caring. We can't force our beliefs on anyone and we are not supposed to. God gave each of us FREE WILL - the ability to make our own decisions, and our choices are our own. We all have that right to make our own decision. A Christian shares their faith, by sharing what the Bible says- not only their own theories or opinions though it may match.

Consider this, when your a child your parents make rules for you to follow. If you break those rules there are consequences for them, a punishment. God is like a parent. Abba, Jesus called him. Abba means father. The Bible has rules God made for us as His children, our decisions either are to follow them or break them. Now, we are not perfect, whether we are Christians or not, we all make decisions and it either follows or breaks the rules. Our parents had their ways of punishments: spankings, put in corners/time outs, grounded off our favorite toys or not allowed to go outside. Right? God has his own form of punishment some would consider to be extreme. For those who choose not follow Him, it is a final, hard, tough-love, eternal punishment, forever separated from Him, God. This means no heaven and sadly the alternative is not good at all. But our decision will lead us either way. It is not God's decision. He tries to show us the way like any parent. It is our final decision on what we do and where we end up.


Our movies, may share Christ through real life issues that happen around us 24/7. Our movies may share our faith in Jesus and what it means to be a Christian. In the end, it is how the audience decides to move forward. If someone is a Christian it could strengthen their faith and belief in God, if  not a Christian, it could give one things to think about. The characters in our movies are the types that we can relate to physically or metaphorically. The emotions, actions and situations can feel close to home. They may be for entertainment, but the audience will definitely take something away from the stories; things to consider and think about toward making their own decisions. Still, this is entertainment, but entertainment that can change lives. How can it change your life? That is the viewers decision. Remember, we are encouraged to make wise decisions. Again that is up to the individual alone to do for ourselves and for you to do for yourself.